Guinea-Bissau v Djibouti

FIFA World Cup Qualifiers • Time to be confirmed

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Sunday 7 Sep 2025

23:00 Local Time

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The football team Guinea-Bissau, also known as the Djurtus, represents the West African nation of Guinea-Bissau in international competitions. Founded in 1975, the team is a relatively new addition to the football world, but has quickly risen in ranks to become a formidable force in African football. The team has competed in several major tournaments, including the Africa Cup of Nations and the FIFA World Cup qualifiers. Although they have yet to qualify for a World Cup, Guinea-Bissau has made history by securing their first ever qualification for the Africa Cup of Nations in 2017. The team plays their home matches at the Estádio 24 de Setembro in the capital city of Bissau. Some notable players who have represented Guinea-Bissau include José Luís Mendes, Zezinho, and Juary Soares. With a passionate fan base and continual improvements in their performance, the future looks bright for the Djurtus.

The Djibouti national football team, also known as Les Riverains de la Mer Rouge, represents the country of Djibouti in international football competitions. The team is currently ranked 182nd by FIFA and is a member of the Confederation of African Football. Despite being a relatively small and young team, Djibouti has competed in several major tournaments, including the African Cup of Nations and the World Cup qualifiers. The team's home games are played at the Stade du Ville, a 15,000-seat stadium located in the capital city of Djibouti. Notable players for Djibouti include captain Abdoulwahab Ali, who has been a key player in several of the team's victories. While the team is still searching for their first major tournament win, their determination and passion for the sport make them a team to watch out for in the future.

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