Wales v Turkey

UEFA Nations League • League B - Group B4

(Home team first)


Friday 6 Sep 2024

19:45 Local Time

18:45 Your Time

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Wales has a rich and renowned history in the world of football. Known as "The Red Dragons," the national team has competed in several prestigious international competitions, including the FIFA World Cup and UEFA European Championship. In recent years, Wales has experienced a surge in success, reaching the semi-finals of the 2016 UEFA European Championship. The team boasts talented players such as Gareth Bale, Aaron Ramsey, and Daniel James, who have each garnered numerous individual awards and accolades. The team calls the Principality Stadium in Cardiff its home, with a capacity of over 74,000 and a reputation for being one of the most vibrant and electric atmospheres in international football. The Welsh fans, known for their unwavering support and passionate chants, create an intense and unforgettable experience for players and spectators alike.

The Turkey national football team, also known as the "Crescent-Stars", has been a dominant presence in the world of international football. Representing the Turkish Football Federation, the team has participated in numerous prestigious competitions, including the FIFA World Cup, UEFA European Championship, and the UEFA Nations League. They have experienced great success, having reached the semi-finals of the 2002 FIFA World Cup, and the quarter-finals of the 2008 UEFA European Championship. The team has also won the UEFA Mediterranean Cup and the Balkan Cup. Some notable players who have graced the team include Hakan Şükür, Nuri Şahin, and Emre Belözoğlu. The Türk Telekom Stadium, also known as the "Hell of Şişli", serves as the home ground for the national team, with a seating capacity of over 52,000 fans. The team's impressive track record and skilled players make them a formidable force in the world of football.

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